TGIF…Today God Is First…And I Know The Devil Is A Liar

Tuesday Scripture:

So that we would not be outwitted by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his designs.

2 Corinthians 2:11 (ESV)

Tuesday Inspiration:

Continue to keep your hand in the master’s hand and expect God to show up and show out on your behalf. Please don’t allow Satan to trip you up and feed you “Fake News” about what we are currently going through all across our nation. Yet allow me to remind you that it’s time to embrace life on a more serious note! A lot of us have been tricked into believing that we have so much time, and that we can put off for tomorrow what we can do today. But if you are a Christian and a born again believer, please take the time to read the book of Revelation. Pray and ask God to give you clarity about his holy word. As my grandmother would say it’s time to get our house in order. Please don’t allow yourself to be caught up and believe the “Fake News” that Satan in trying to plant in your mind. Live for today, embrace each moment as if it were your last. God is on his way back, sooner rather than later. If you look with your spiritual eye, you will see that a lot of the signs are here, and I believe God is speaking loud and clear. “It’s Fake News” if we believe that God is not in complete control, at any time he could have blocked the spread of the Coronavirus, as well as intervened in the injustice that we are witnessing before our very eyes. But the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has a purpose and a plan for allowing his children to experience a pandemic and injustice. “It’s Fake News” if you believe that the church (the bride of Christ) is irrelevant in 2020. “It’s Fake News” if you believe that God has changed…He’s not fickle, yet he’s faithful even when we’re unfaithful, and he’s still standing at the door and knocking. Will you open up your heart and let him in today? Its “Fake News” if you believe your witness is irrelevant, tell your story! They see your glory but they need to hear your story. Go tell it on the mountain. You can be a blessing just by being transparent with someone and tell them how God has showed up and showed out in your life. “It’s Fake News” if you believe that every challenge and every tear that you have cried; God can’t use for his glory. “It’s Fake News” if you think for one moment that God isn’t in control and concerned about the current state of our world.  I just want to encourage you and remind you that God won’t fail!  And that my brothers and sisters is” Not Fake News!” Amen.

Tuesday Prayer:

Spirit of the living God, we come humbly but boldly before your throne of grace…pausing to give you all the glory, honor, and the praise. We love you Lord, truly there is none like you in all the earth. Thank you for last night laying down and this morning early rising. Thank you for food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and shelter over our heads. O Lord we thank you for a reasonable portion of health and strength. We have so much to thank you for, if we had ten thousand tongues we couldn’t thank you enough. Please forgive us for anything and everything that we have said, done, and thought that was out of your will. We repent Father, and we ask that you give us the willpower not to repeat the same mistake. Truly we are striving to be better today than we were on yesterday. So take us, make us, and mold us into that which is pleasing in your sight. Father you said in your word that if we resist the devil then he will flee from us. You also said that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Lord help us to be mindful and watchful because our adversary is trying to feed us “Fake News” and trip us up. Please give us eyes to see and ears to hear; give us clarity, and understanding as to how Satan is trying to work against us. We come against and we bind up every trick of the evil one. We bind up every lie that the devil will try to feed us, and we put on the full armor; that we will be able to stand against the schemes of the enemy. We take back our power, and we declare and decree that no weapon formed against us, can, shall, or will prosper. All that we are, and all that we shall be, is by your grace and mercy. Father reveal to us the lessons that you desire for us to learn during this pandemic. Please help us to understand how serious this virus is and now is not the time for us to let down our guards. We plead the blood of Jesus over our families, loved ones, friends, first responders, and essential workers. We pray for an antidote for the virus and that you would give the doctors and scientist the wisdom and knowledge to develop a cure. O Lord stop by the hospitals and jail cells, release your healing virtue, and allow them to feel a special touch from you. Have your way, show up and show out, for it’s in your darling son Jesus name we pray, give thanks, and say Amen.


Praise: God for the power and authority that he has given you to defeat Satan.

Offer Thanks: To God for his protection from dangers seen and unseen.

Confess: To God how you feel emotionally and be transparent.

Ask: To give you a double portion of his daily bread.