TGIF…Today God Is First And The Struggle Is Real

Tuesday Scripture:

Romans 13:2 Therefore, whoever resists the authorities resist what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgement.

Tuesday Inspiration:

On this journey called life the struggle can be real from time to time. We will experience different seasons, a time to flourish and grow, a time to be still, and times where we may experience trials and tribulations. One thing is for sure we serve a God that is faithful in the midst of it all. Our God may not come when we want him to, but he’s always right on time. He can and will do anything but fail.  I’m reminded of Paul’s teaching in the Romans Chapter 12 and 13 and he was clear about every authority in the world has been established by God. Which means that as believers it is our responsibility to adhere to and honor God by being obedient to his guidance and directions. We might not always understand what God is doing, but we must trust the process. Romans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.  And my brothers and sisters this is another reason why we can have peace regardless of what we are dealing with in our life. Whether it be obstacles and challenges in our home, relationships, health, or chaos on our job. Remember God reigns and rules and he will carry you through! Because ultimately it is the will of God that shall prevail. We must grow to a point in our life that we can truly accept what God allows. Nothing on earth happens unless He allows it. Amen! We can rest in the assurance that God truly knows exactly what he’s doing. We might not understand why God is allowing us to go through, but keep your hope and faith in him. To God be the glory! I believe he has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us!  Be patient, your time is coming! Your breakthrough is right around the corner! Your deliverance is closer than you know. Hold on to Gods’ unchanging hand. Speak those things that are not (in faith) as though they were! Remember we walk by faith and not by sight.  I pray that we all will operate with the wisdom that God gives us and strive daily to be a part of the solution! Amen! One thing I know is that this too shall pass! He didn’t say that this journey called life would be easy, but he did promise not to ever leave nor forsake us.

Tuesday Prayer:

Spirit of the living God, we humbly come before your throne of grace, just to say thank you. O Lord we thank you for a day that wasn’t promised to us, but you saw fit and touched us this morning and started us on our way. And for that we just want to say thank. Truly there is none like you in all the earth. We worship you this day for who you are in our lives individually as well as collectively as a whole. Father forgive us for our sins and our iniquities; and for falling short of your glory. O Lord decrease us that you may increase in every area of our life. As we come before your throne of grace, we pray to that we will present ourselves to you as one who is approved. A worker has no reason to be ashamed, and who knows how to rightly handle your word of truth. Help us to be imitators of Christ. Help us Lord, to be obedient, first to you and your word. Speak Lord for your servants are listening. Please silence the enemy so that will only be able to hear your voice. We say yes to your will, yes to your way, and yes we will obey. Remind us that so often in life our actions speak louder than our words.  Father help us to walk in wisdom each and every day. Please give us guidance and direction. We want a Spirit that is willing and determined to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I am reminded that you said in your word that if we keep our mind stayed on you; then you will keep us in perfect in peace. Help us Lord to remain steadfast and unmovable. Father we pray your will to be done. Have your way father, please bless us individually as well as collectively as whole.  We pray for a mass healing all across our land. We love you, we need you, and we can’t make it without you. For it’s in your darling son Jesus name we pray, give thanks, and say Amen!


Praise: God for his ability to fill you with peace in the midst of challenging times.

Offer Thanks: To God for compassion, patience, and understanding.

Confess: To God what you are struggling with on today.

Ask God: To strengthen you and keep you healthy and safe.