TGIF…Today God Is First And I Won’t Let Go Until He Bless Me

In honor of Black History- Quote: “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew”—Cicely Tyson

Thursday Scripture:

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14

Thursday Inspiration:

Yesterday I heard a beautiful song by Briana Babineaux entitled (Jacob’s Song). It lead me into a wonderful worship experience for a couple of hours. We’ve all made mistakes, yes we’re still growing and learning each and every day. We’re all a work in progress, thanks be to God for his grace and mercy! It also allowed me to reflect over story of Jacob in Genesis 32:22-32 when Jacob wrestles with God. Can you picture him limping away, transformed and changed? And all I could say was, for your glory; I will do anything! There’s nothing like being in the presence of God. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I’m expecting a blessing from the almighty himself. I have a spirit of expectancy! And whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, Lord have your way. We won’t let go until you bless us. Fill us, anoint us, and touch us from the top of our heads, to the souls of our feet. Open and close every door that falls out of the will that you have purposed for our lives. Remind us that sometimes a rejection from God, is his protection from dangers unseen. I want to encourage you to hold onto God’s unchanging hands. Hold on just like Jacob did, refuse to let go until you receive your break through. Make sure that your life is aligned with the word of God. I am reminded that obedience is better than sacrifice. What will you let go of on today…in order to be in his presence? The bible teaches us to test the Spirit by the spirit, so If God isn’t in it, Hallelujah Lord, please remove it Jesus name. Whatever you are wrestling with, let go and let God have his way. I promise you he can handle it. There’s nobody greater! And I’m a witness there is nothing too hard for our God!

Thursday Prayer:

Hallelujah, Lord you are so worthy to be praised! We worship you, we honor you, and magnify your Holy and righteous name. Thank you for being our shepherd! And as our shepherd You promised to supply all of our needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. Thank you for the hedge of strong and mighty angels which you have set around us and our families, to keep us safe from all hurt, harm, and danger—spiritually as well as physically. Father forgive us for falling short of your glory. We repent and ask that you give order to our steps, walk, and our talk…that everything about our very being will line up with your will. Father you instructed us in your word to draw close to you, Lord we are seeking your face on today. Help us to prevent from conforming to the ways of this world, and we ask that you transform and renew our minds a fresh. Please show us how to align our life with your will. We surrender every thought, dream, passion, and work over to you. Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in your sight. Lord we won’t let go until you fill us and change us from the inside out. We come against and bind up every plot, plan, and scheme of the evil one. We take authority over Satan, every demonic spirit, every principality, and every spirit of wickedness in high places. Lord we bind them from our life and the lives of our family. And we render every demonic spirit helpless, powerless, ineffective and inoperative to prosper against us or hinder us in any way. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Houston, and we thank you in advance for being Jehovah-Jireh, their provider. Thank you for this day, we love you and it’s in Jesus name we pray, give thanks, and say Amen!


Praise God: For the plans he has for your life, give him praise for what is yet to come.

Offer Thanks: To God for the courage to hold fast to your faith in times of trouble.

Confess: To God and be transparent about everything that you are struggling with. Then cast all of your cares unto him.

Ask: God to give you guidance and direction today and always.