TGIF…Today God Is First And Deliverance Is Mine

In Honor Of Women’s Month: We acknowledge Elim Baptist Church First Lady-“Jo Ann James”! A Mighty Woman of God, Wife, Mother, Prayer Warrior, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Role Model, Mentor, Teacher, and so much more!  

Tuesday Scripture:

And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me. Psalm 50:15

Tuesday Inspiration:

I’m starting with the man in the mirror…I’m asking him to change his ways…And no message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change. These are few lines from Michael Jackson hit song “The Man In The Mirror,” that was released back on January 9, 1998. Today I encourage you to look in the mirror and encourage yourself. Praise God for how far you’ve come! We don’t look like what we’ve been through! You are stronger and wiser than you started this journey. You are more than a conqueror! You shall live and not die! Now at the same time, look deep within your eyes and call out every strong hold that has caused you to feel shame and defeated. Sometimes we have to check ourselves, because the enemy is the inner me! Sometimes the problem is us. We have mustard up the courage to face the reason why we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Remember Satan doesn’t have any new tricks. It’s simply dressed up differently. Come out of bondage today! Remember Jesus saves. Jesus heals! Jesus is still setting the captives free of any and all strongholds. Amen! Pastor Steven Furtick said, “You can’t change what you won’t face.” I challenge you to take the first step and call (IT) out today. Speak it in the atmosphere and cry out to God. Ask him to deliver and heal you completely from the inside out. The more we sweep it under the carpet, the more in bondage we will remain. God desires for all of his children to experience the fullness of life and be set free from bondage. Amen!

R-Always be true to who you are by keeping it real.

E-Examine and explore your motives, make sure your heart is pure.

F-Don’t allow fear of the past or what may happen to handicap you and keep you from receiving your deliverance.

L-Make sure that you remember to Love on you! Self- love must be a priority.

E-Extend grace to you, all of us make me mistakes. But thanks be to God for giving us another chance.

C-Confront all insecurities head on, remember all things are possible with God.

T-Transformation can be painful, it means revisiting the past and opening up old wounds.

I-Remember what is (inward) flows outward. It is important that we work hard on being healthy and whole from the inside out.

O-Open up your heart and let God in, he’s concerned about everything that is heavy on your heart. Let go and let God have his way.

N-No longer allow strong-holds to control your past, present, and future.

Tuesday Prayer:

Now unto him who is able to keep us from falling, To God our father we come at this appointed time and place giving all thanks, honor, and praise unto you. Thank you Lord for this day! Thank you for last night lying down and this morning early rising. Great is thy faithfulness. Truly there is none like you in all the earth. Today our hearts are filled with so much gratitude for all that you have already done in our lives. If we had ten thousand tongues, we couldn’t thank you enough. We say Hallelujah, glory to your name. Truly you are worthy to be praised. Father please forgive us for our sins and our iniquities; and for falling short of your glory. Thank you Lord that we are not conformed to this world. Lord we come against and bind up strongholds of every kind, whether it be: drunkenness, drugs, forgiveness, anger, anxiety, lying, laziness, arrogance, sexual sin, pride, bitterness, callousness, depression, and manipulation. Just to name a few. God we know you are greater than any of these. Father we stand firm in our place of victory whereby you have set us free. And since you have given us liberty and set us free…we refuse to be further entangled with the yoke of bondage. Father you said in your word that you would deliver us from every evil work! We claim it, we believe it, and receive our deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for the reflection we see in the mirror! Thank you for our testimony and our deliverance. Thank you for one who has been created in your image, and that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus! Thank you…Thank you…Lord we thank you! Bless us individually as well as collectively as a whole. Anoint and bless our hands that everything we touch will be blessed. For it’s in your darling son Jesus name we pray, give thanks, and say Amen!  


Praise God: Because victory is yours, in Christ Jesus.

Offer Thanks: To God for protecting and delivering you from every evil work.

Confess: To God that one thing that you have buried so deep within you that still causes you pain today.

Ask: God to deliver you from a specific area of bondage. And be willing and open to do the work in order to be set free.